About TotalCom

Decades of experience

TotalCom Ltd or Total Computer Services as we used to be called has been open since 1992.

Selling hardware was our main focus all those years ago but in 2007 we merged with a consultancy company.

After some time we shortened our name and rebranded to show the evolution into systems administration, networking, security, strategic planning and consulting.

From there we have helped our clients grow and assisted them with getting the best out of their I.T. environment.

Totalcom’s team continues to expand their knowledge especially in data security and disaster recovery to best protect their client base from the modern threats of our digital world.

Why TotalCom?

We strongly believe that today’s business world demands IT systems, services and seamless technology excellence. We’re passionate about making this happen.

Always ready for a chat

We believe offering comprehensive IT services means adopting a mutually beneficial relationship with our clients. We’re not just here for you if something goes wrong. We want to hear your business ideas and are keen to check in when we have something that might help you out.

We don't use "Geek-Speak"

We’re not here to bamboozle you with techno-jargon. You can’t value our services if you don’t understand what we have to offer. So we keep the geek-speak for the workshop boffins and engage with our customers to ensure they know what we are doing and why.

So much Experience!

TotalCom has been around for nearly three decades. We’ve seen technology change along with the needs of Bay of Plenty businesses. This experience means we know what works and what doesn’t, and we can predict future needs as technology continues to evolve.

Need IT Experts you can understand?

Then give TotalCom a call!  We’re here to make IT easy.