Computer Network Systems

What’s a Network and why use one?

A network is simply any computers or peripheral machines all linked together to share information.

A network could be a single computer sending files to a printer over Wifi or an entire fleet of computers all linked and sharing files, accessing storage drives and more. How complex or straightforward a network is depends entirely on the business and its particular file management needs.

File sharing

File sharing is the core feature of any network. The ability to transfer information between computers or shared storage devices has resulted in one of the most significant increases in modern age business productivity.

Resource Sharing

Save money by linking all your computers to shared peripherals such as printers, copiers and scanners. Some software allows access by multiple users on a network, saving you individual license fees.

Data Backups

They say, “don’t keep all your eggs in one basket”, and this is undoubtedly true for digital files. “Backing up” files on your network dramatically reduces your risk of loss during a hardware failure or accident.

Design & Installation

We design and implement IT infrastructure from the ground up. We start with a suitable ISP solution then add all the appropriate hardware to fulfil the client’s requirements.

The network hardware may include standalone workstations, PoE switches, Layer 3 switches, Wifi routers, network cables, servers or other storage devices. If all this sounds complicated, don’t worry. We only install the components required to meet the customers’ needs and are happy to discuss the options, pros and cons, and costs.

We implement a tailored data management system whereby you store files locally on a server, on the cloud or sometimes, both. Great for file sharing and backups.

We don’t do the wiring in the actual building though we leave that for electricians/data techs. Similarly, we don’t install security cameras or phone systems; we perform the network integration once the installation techs have them up and running.

Getting you up-to-speed

We train you to use management software such as Share Point and ensure your users can access the network securely.

Where to start your Network?

The best Network for you is the one tailored to suit your specific data management needs.  Talk to TotalCom about the best options for your business.

Network Upgrades

We don’t just tackle brand new network installs! We can review and improve your existing network, too.

Chances are the hardware, software (or both) on an old network are causing bottlenecks in the system. Network upgrades can improve data transfer speed, file sharing, remote access, backups and more.

With so many companies using at least some cloud-based systems, a slow internet connection makes for a slow and frustrating workflow. Any network performance improvement provides savings in time and money for the business.

Plus, there will be risks of old hardware failing. When was the last time a technician took a look at your backup server?

Give us a call; we’ll indicate how your network is performing and track down and highlight potential issues and solutions.

Network Issues?

If your once lightning-fast Network seems sluggish, or if hardware isn’t connecting, give us a call.  We can update software and upgrade hardware to get your Network back to full speed.