Monitoring & Support

Let’s keep an eye on things.

We offer daily support with our monitoring systems. Our comprehensive monitoring service alerts us instantly if an issue arises, so we always have our finger on the pulse.

We are not trying to be alarmists, but things do fail. And the slightest issue seems like a major catastrophe if you don’t understand what’s going on. That’s why we’re here.

A server could go down, a software conflict may occur, or you might be too close to a storage limit. Whatever happens, our monitoring software lets us know so we can take action.

Remote Updates

It’s not just about peace-of-mind; benefits include performing system updates and patches remotely. Our Unfi controller maintains and monitors the multitude of Wifi network components. We can do rolling upgrades and watch it for errors or disconnected units.

Recovery Testing

We offer daily monitoring of backups. Our advanced monitoring server sends notifications directly to our phones should a problem arise. We can check and fix most issues directly from the phone interface without login into the server or another device.

Tailored Options

Our customers are on varying agreements with us. Some use all of our monitoring services or pick and choose a few that they find valuable. Others prefer a monthly onsite visit with the emergency call option. The point is, we work with whatever suits you the best.

Support Services Breakdown

In many support situations, we will endeavour to resolve an issue remotely via Teamviewer to keep travel costs and client downtime to a minimum.

Remote Services

Services we can offer while logging into your system from a remote location.

  • Windows software upgrades and patches for servers and workstations
  • Network-wide third-party software deployment E.g. Chrome, Adobe Reader
  • Backup monitoring
  • Disaster recovery testing
  • Assistance via Teamviewer (appealing for our more rural clients as a more timely fix with no travel fees).
  • Monitoring of critical components of the network customised for the client e.g. monitoring a particular database service
  • Monitoring and cleaning of 365 email filters for malware and spam

Inhouse Services

Services we provide at our offices, usually to save call-out costs for clients.

  • Hardware repairs and upgrades on servers and workstations
  • Software repairs/upgrades on servers and workstations
  • Limited training is usually a pretty specific request.
  • Offsite backup hosting
  • General consultation

Onsite Services

Services we can offer while attending your hardware at your location.

  • Software repairs and general troubleshooting
  • Network maintenance – usually incurs an outage, whether network-wide or only the internet and is offered after hours.
  • Manual onsite installation of updates on isolated computers. (no externally accessible network)
  • Site assessments
  • Meetings about infrastructure

Computer Problems?

Whether it’s failing hardware, software issues or you’d just like someone to keep an eye on things, TotalCom are here to solve your computing problems.