Frequently Asked Questions

Can you retrieve data off a hardrive that's not working?
We contract a specialist in data recovery for damaged and failed hard drives, initially assessing the drive, then provide a quote. We’ve had both success and disaster stories. When a computer fails to start, it’s not always the hard drive. The Data recovery process involves placing the drive in a USB cradle and connecting it to a functioning system. We can do that right here in the workshop while we’re discussing your new backup options.
My computer stopped working during an update? Can you fix it?
Typically yes, though some solutions are more involved and require a backup before implementing. Most of the time, a forced shutdown will do the trick though, it comes with the risk that the computer will not restart correctly and require the more involved solution.
How long does it take to restore a computer from a backup?
Restoration times are entirely dependent on what kind of backup you have and how much data you have. In one instance, we had an entire network (comprised of two physical servers and six virtual servers) up in 8 hours. Single-server systems with a decent backup solution would be 1-2 hours. Complete rebuild with data recovery, perhaps 2-3 hours.
Can you transfer my files to a new computer?
Short answer, yes. Long answer older systems often had larger hard drives, so make sure you’ve purchased a system that can handle all of your existing data. Also, this doesn’t include installed programs. Unless the program is ancient enough to copy the folder and make it work from the folder, you will need the physical or digital media.
I'm starting to work from home, how do I access my work files?

There are multiple ways to achieve this, depending on your employer’s infrastructure. We have set up remote access using VPNs (virtual private networks), Microsoft remote desktop from PC and Apple devices. We also have Cloud solutions like One Drive and Share Point through Microsoft 365.

Can you get my email working on all my devices as well as my computer?
Yes, in general. Even in situations where it’s a POP account. Occasionally, a device won’t cooperate, but 90 percent of the time, it’s not an issue.

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